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August and September 2019 (Major Release):  

- Price Change: We changed our pricing (premium starts at $5.27 per user per month).  

- Advanced Theme Builder: We released an advanced theme builder allowing you to build out a complete website using BookingKoala.  

To learn more about this update, click here.

July 2019  

- Marketplace: We now help you find clients for your service business. Learn more.

June 2019 

- Square and PayPal: You are now able to connect Paypal and Square in order to charge and refund clients. Plus you can use PayPal to pay out your providers as well. - Learn More.

- SalesHangry: We’ve built SalesHangry to help you increase your conversions and sales. To sign up, click here and message us - we will give you access to a forever free plan (free plan is available for BookingKoala users only).

- Affiliate Program: Affiliates can now promote and recommend BookingKoala. - Learn More.

- Referral Program: If you're a BookingKoala user you can earn credits towards your subscription by referring BookingKoala. - Learn More.

- Clear Schedule: You can easily reset a providers/teams schedule.

- Auto/Manual Clock Out: You can now decide if providers are clocked out automatically or manually.

- Re-Order Industry Menu: You can re-order your industries on a booking form.

May 2019

- Loading Speed: We improved the loading speed of our entire software including the speed of the embedded booking forms.

- Comprehensive Invoicing: We introduced an invoicing system compliant with Australia's policies and laws.

- Optional Secondary Email: You can disable the secondary email field on your booking forms.

- Unassigned Priority: You can now assign priority to an unassigned booking.

- Import/Export Feature: You can now easily import/export customers and providers into and out of the system.

April 2019

- Display 2 Prices: If you charge a different price on your first visit you can display it to customers along with the price of future visits.  

- Flexible Custom Sections: You can now move custom sections to step 1 of your booking forms.

- Price Adjustment: We moved the price and time adjustment fields to the first step of the form.

March 2019

- Provider App: Providers can now login via a mobile app.

- GPS Functionality - Providers can now be tracked.

- Clocking In/Out Functionality - Providers can now clock in/out.

- Calendar View: You can now view providers and team under 1 view.

Click here to learn more about this update.

February 2019

- Waiting List: You can add bookings without assigning anyone to them and you can also allow customers to join a waiting list. Learn more.

- Reviews Update: You can now display reviews on your website to increase conversions. Learn more.

- Leads/Contact Us Form: You can now capture leads through a custom form made by you. Learn more.

- Modify/Disable Menus Items: You can now disable and modify header and footer menus. Learn more.

January 2019  

- Onboarding Experience: We worked on making BookingKoala easier to use (major update).

- Pricing Structure: We reduced the price per provider to only $3.

December 2018

- Automatic Charges: You can now charge bookings automatically after they have been completed. Click here to learn more.

- Time Zones: If you have multiple locations in multiple time zones, it is now easier for users and yourself to book services that are in different time zones. Click here to learn more.

- Live Chat: You can now talk to your providers from inside your account and your providers can message you and your office employees from their accounts (web version only - app version coming in soon). Click here to learn more.

November 2018

- Zapier Integration: You can now connect with your favorite apps.

- Modify Prices and Services: You can now modify prices or services even if there are active bookings using those services and prices.

- Quicker Load Time: We focused on improving the speed of the entire system.

October 2018

- Automatic Reviews: You can now automatically gather more external reviews and/or share internal reviews via Facebook or Twitter. Click here to learn more.

- Admin Mobile Dashboard: You can now login and set up your entire account from a mobile device.

- Customize Your Login Page: You can make changes to your login and sign up pages.

- Customer My Drive Options: You can now keep files under a customer's profile.

- Changing The Tax Tag: If you live outside of the US, you can change the sales tax tag.

September 2018

- Simple Theme And Website Builder: You can now have a website in under 60 seconds for free which can be customized towards your brand with easy to use options inside of BookingKoala.

- Customize Your Referral Messages: You can now enter a custom image and custom text that is displayed whenever your customer shares a referral via Facebook/Twitter.

- Customize Your Forms: You can now customize your entire booking form, as well as your gift card and referral pages.

- Disable Referrals/Gift Cards: You can now disable/enable the gift card and referral pages.

August 2018

- Conversion Tracking: You can track conversions that come from Adwords and Facebook ads.

- Merchant Location Versus Service Area: You can accept bookings whether you have a store, perform online services or if you travel to someone's location.

- Remove Job Lengths From Summary: You no longer need to show the job length in the summary box of the booking.

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