We All Love Data

  • Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase (Spiegel Research Center, 2017) 
  • 93% of local consumers use reviews to determine if a local business is good or bad (BrightLocal, 2017)
  • 72% of customers don't take action until they have read reviews (Testimonial Engine)
  • Having five reviews results in purchase likelihood increasing by a factor of almost four times (Spiegel Research Center, 2017)
Personal Experience

Filip Boksa CEO of BookingKoala and Co-Founder of King of Maids.

"Imagine in a week 30 different friends come up to you and tell you there is a new restaurant down the street. It's the best restaurant they've all tried in a long time and that you should try it out. How likely would it be that you'd be curious to try that new restaurant? Chances are that you would call a friend and check it out that same week.

Once we started to open up new cities, we found that when you get to what I call the sweet spot of 30 reviews, your sales soar as high as 120X. For us, that meant going from $1,000 in sales a year per city to around $120,000 a year simply by getting to 30 reviews on a site like Yelp.

Later, I learned that the higher the star rating the more it mattered. Which meant, getting to 30 reviews and having a 4 1/2 out of 5 star rating brought in a lot more sales to your business versus 30 reviews and a 3 out of 5 star rating. 

I also learned that when a business gets to 30 reviews and a high star rating the owner is far less likely to quit on it because sales soar.

Knowing that information we had to learn the best way to get positive reviews while avoiding the negative ones."

Here Is What We Learned

The 3 Worst Ways To Ask For Reviews

1. Calling or emailing prospects 

Most customers don't pick up their phones which makes gaining reviews impossible. 

Calling customers 3 times in a 7 day period is annoying, and it destroys your chances of gaining a review from them. 

Once you start to scale this method also gets expensive and time consuming.

2. Using external softwares to send out emails on your behalf 

Most customers don't read emails and/or simply don't care enough to leave you a review unless it's a negative one.

3. Asking in person

This doesn't work well because most customers forget and will never leave a review unless you remind them multiple times to do so. 

If you ask them to review your business on the spot, this may feel annoying or even too aggressive increasing chances of a lower rated review instead of a perfect 5 star.

If you tried these, you know the struggle.

Our Secret Review Formula:

Have you ever heard of the famous marketing approach that consists of asking someone for a small favor before asking them for a bigger one?

This is the same approach we used to get 3X more reviews compared to any other marketing strategy we used prior to this new approach.

Step 1.

Customers that just received service, got an automated email and SMS sent to them to review the service. 

Very few took the time to do so as expected from what we've learned earlier. 

BUT! In order to review the service the user had to go inside their dashboard. 

This meant that even though they didn't rate directly when we sent the email or SMS, the user had to visit their dashboard in order to edit a booking. Whether it was rescheduling it, cancelling it, tipping their providers, making their next booking, etc.. 

That's where we got them! Now the user had to rate the service:

Our goal was now to get the user to visit their dashboard instead of getting them to rate the service. 

We did that by sending out reminders, asking them to tip providers, and more. All these notifications made the users visit their account where our review pop up would show up which got the users to review the service.

Step 2

Now the users did us a small favor by rating the service which meant that we could leverage this by asking them for a bigger favor.

 Since they were already in the middle of doing something for us it increased the chances of gaining an external review. 

After the user rated the service we decided to show them another pop up which looked like this:

See what we did here? 

Now we took advantage of the opportunity to ask for an external review and we made it as easy as possible for them to do so.

If a user wrote something, we included the text with a copy link. Now, if they were interested they can copy the text and they would be redirected to a Yelp or Google page.

Now all they had to do was paste that review in which takes all of 3 seconds.

External reviews increased by 3X.

Step 3:

Now we had to figure out how to get rid of the negative reviews, so we introduced a rule that allows the pop up to show up only when a certain criteria is met:

Now the 2nd pop up would only show to users who rated us internally and entered 4 1/2 out of 5 stars or higher.

This was amazing because it not only got us more positive reviews but it lowered the amount of negative reviews we received.

It turned out that when a user gave us a negative review here, they didn't go anywhere else with it. 

This bought us time to message users back and resolve the issue before they felt the need to post a negative review on an external site.

More Positive Reviews = More Money!

  • Get 3x more online reviews. 
  • Get less negative reviews. 
  • More positive reviews more sales. 
  • All automated once set up.

What Else Can I Do With Internal Reviews?

1. Display internal reviews to the public in order to help increase conversions (Growth).

Here you can see that all live reviews are displayed on your homepage allowing customers to sell themselves.

You can also add live reviews on your booking page or on your leads page of your website so that positive reviews are shown to your customers while booking or asking for a quote.

Popular Questions: 

1. Can I show only positive reviews that I get? Yes, you can control which reviews are shown. 

2. Can I embed this feature on my already existing site? Yes, you can add the review bar on any page of your website.

3. Can I turn off this feature? Yes, you can decide if you want to show this feature on your home page of the simple theme, your booking page, your leads page, a page on your existing site, or turn the feature off completely. 

4. How many reviews are shown? If you decide to show only 5 star reviews, the system will show every 5 star review in the system. If you have over a 1,000 5 star reviews they will all be shown. 

5. How can I show my previous reviews if I switch to BookingKoala? You can create customers and copy over reviews that were left on other profiles. 

6. What if I don't want to show names of the customers? You can disable that from inside. 

7. Can I change colors of the review sections? Yes, you can change the color and text from inside within seconds.

2. Use reviews to help customers decide whom they want to book with (Conversions).

Popular Questions: 

1. Can I hide this feature? Yes, you can decide what shows up. If you don't want provider/team names to show you can disable that. If you don't want reviews, job completions to show you can disable that also. If you don't want customers to be able to read the reviews you can disable that too. 

2. Can I decide which reviews show here? Yes, you can add a rule that will display only ratings above a certain number. For example if I decide that I want only reviews to show when they are 4 out of 5 or higher you can do that. All ratings and reviews below 4 stars will not be shown, meaning the name will be the only thing customers see during booking.

3. Allow users to share reviews on Facebook and Twitter (Growth).

Here after a user rates the service, they can later share that review to Twitter or Facebook, helping you get a word out about your company in a positive way.

You can also decide if you'd like to reward customers with referral credits which later they can spend on your services.

Popular Questions: 

1. Can I disable the Twitter/Facebook part and leave the top part only? Yes, you can.

2. Can I enable both Twitter and Facebook? Yes, you can have 1 of them or both of them active.

3. Can this show up only if a certain review criteria is met? Yes, you can add in rules so that this only shows when a positive review is left.

4. Do I have to offer credits here and can I change the amount offered? You don't have to offer credits and you can change the amount offered at anytime.

5. Can I add in my own links above instead of Yelp or Google? Yes, you can add in your own links and as many as you'd like. 

6. What if I have different locations that have different pages? You can add in a different page per location and later the proper page will be shown to the user. For example if you have a location in New York with a Yelp page that is different from your Chicago Yelp page, you can connect both and the correct page will be shown to the user. 

7. What if someone already left a review for my page? You can visit their profile and block a specific link from being shown to them if they ever rate your services again internally.

4. Reports allowing you to see how your company is doing and where you can improve (Management).

5. Notifications to help track performance (Management)

You can activate notifications that help you track when someone is doing bad giving you the opportunity to improve your company. This sepcific notification lets you know when someones rating drops below 4/5.  

This is great because, if this happens you can determine what you want to do with that provider or team and it keeps your service top notch!  

For example, we suggest putting all poorly reviewed providers/teams towards the bottom of our scheduling priority.  

Since our scheduling is based on priority, only the top providers get jobs first, which keeps your company the best.

Get notified of any negative reviews. 

For example whenever a customer rates the service, they will get a notification letting them know you will be in touch soon giving you the opportunity to correct the issue before they leave a negative public review externally.

Popular Questions:

1. Can I disable these or any notification? Yes you can or you can modify notifications easily without the need of a developer.

2. Can I activate different notifications sent to me via SMS? Yes, you can!

3. Can I assign jobs to anyone and ignore priority scheduling? Yes, you can assign to anyone. 

4. Can I change the 50-50 banner for customer emails? Yes, you can or you can remove it if you don't offer a referral program.

6. Notifications to help upsell customers automatically (Growth).

This notification helps convert one-time customers to becoming recurring customers if you offer recurring services (if not this can be customized and you can add in your own offer). 

The notification is sent only when a positive review is given and can be activated as an SMS and APP notification.

It's Never Been Easier To Grow A Service Business!

  • Get 3x more online reviews. 
  • Get less negative reviews. 
  • More positive reviews more sales. 
  • All automated once set up.
  • Higher conversions and more sales. 
  • Easily track your company performance. 
  • Access from anywhere and on any device.