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How To Grow A Service Business Training

(Work from home using your smartphone, while never performing a single job yourself)

If you're looking to grow a service business, this is the place to be. We are the Amazon of building services, led by Filip Boksa, who himself grew King of Maids, a cleaning platform to over $5,000,000 by the time he was 22 years old. Filip also did that with a small investment of $6,000, no experience and no connections.

Later, Filip opened up a marketing company to help other services grow based on the knowledge he gained growing his own service business. Through his marketing company, he became an expert in growing service type businesses (cleaning services, dog walking services, marketers, tutors and many more).

In 2018 Filip opened up BookingKoala. BookingKoala is a software that was originally designed to help Filip grow his cleaning platform. BookingKoala combined with the knowledge of smart marketing can help anyone build a successful service business. 

Since its launch it already changed thousands of lives.

What Do I Learn?

  •  We teach you how to set up a business model that brings in recurring revenue every month.
  •   We show you how to find workers and then we show you how to hire them properly. 
  •   We teach you how to grow your business through various marketing strategies.
  •  We help you set up BookingKoala the right way geared towards your industry and location.
  •  All this can be done from home and all you need is a smartphone.

Popular Questions

1. What will I get by joining the training?

This training will give you a better understanding of how to run and grow a service business. We will visually open up your eyes to what is possible when running a service business and we will teach you methods that will make running a service business much easier.

2. When do we get started?

After joining the training we will contact you via email to set up our initial call. Then the work will begin.

3. What kind of results should I expect?

Our goal is to listen to what you are trying to accomplish first. Then we either work with that goal or advise you to go a different route. After we agree on the goal, we create a custom plan for you. We then teach you the custom plan through 1 on 1 trainings lasting up to 4 months. Depending on your schedule we may finish the trainings much earlier. If we do, we act as your personal support team lasting up to 4 months from the initial call.

4. What services is this for?

This training is good for all types of service type businesses: cleaning services, dog walking services, moving services, personal trainers, tutors, marketers, consultants and 50+ others.

5. What makes BookingKoala the right choice?

Our CEO and Co-Founder Filip Boksa grew his first service business (cleaning platform) to over $5,000,000 by the time he turned 22, all with a $6,000 investment. He then went onto running a successful marketing company where he focused on helping service type businesses grow using what he learned from growing his own service. After helping hundreds of businesses he learned what it takes to properly grow a service business. Today he uses everything he learned to help out others through BookingKoala.

6. Who is this training for?  

This training is perfect for someone who is starting a service business for the first time, has been struggling for a while or is simply looking to expand.

BookingKoala 1 On 1 Training

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BookingKoala 1 On 1 Training
BookingKoala 1 On 1 Training

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